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  A trip to Europe with PS
  About a new method of fuel combustion
  About our stoves
  Advice for people building our stoves
  Basics for the design of wood-burning masonry boilers.
  Charcoal burning unit in free gas movement system
  Design of multistory stoves.
  Energy saving
  Fireplaces, stoves and stoves with fireplaces
  Fuel combustion and optimum
  Fundamentals of stove construction
  Furnace operation
  Gas plant boilers ...
  heaters steam saunas
  How to build a house
  How to build a Russian steam sauna
  Masonry Heaters for Greenhouses
  New system of fuel combustion and prospects for its application
  Once again about the system...
  Outside complexes
  Praised brick stoves
  Pyrolysis of biofuel
  stacked stoves working on one flue
  Use of heat of effluent furnace gases
 working drawings
 Business proposals
 Catalogues no drawings
 In memory of Jean Claude Raybaud


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Chief: I.V. Kuznetsov has been working on design improvement of heating stoves, heating and cooking stoves, Russian stoves "teplushki" and bath heaters since 1962. Till now more than 150 various stove types have been designed. We are an affinity team of qualified stove-setters who build the above stoves and know their principles of operation. We develop new stove designs from project stage to testing and installation. Many experts of our team are licentiates familiar with computers. We have built hundreds of stoves in many CIS cities and towns (among them stoves built for top-ranking officials and businessmen) and these stoves have endured the rigours of the severe Russian climate as demonstrated by many years' operation. Their excellent thermotechnical characteristics and workmanship were highly evaluated by customers and guaranteed high demand for the stoves. This is proved by the fact that till now we have been working without advertisement, we are advertised by our customers. The majority of the stoves have no analogues in the world.